Condominium charging columns: regulations, obligations and facilities

Charging stations for electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Italy, with more than 14,452 stations installed in the past 12 months (Motus-E).

This is also thanks to the obligation established by Leg. n. 48/2020, which promotes the installation of this infrastructure in new buildings and those undergoing major renovations.

However, it is also possible to install the columns in existing buildings, thanks to the
tax benefits
provided for the condominium community.

In this article we look at the obligation, condominium regulations and benefits related to condominium charging stations.

Charging columns: what the law says

The Legislative Decree. n. 48/2020, implementing EU Directive 2018/844, established the obligation to install charging stations in new buildings or buildings undergoing major renovations.

This legislation aims to encourage the development of electric charging infrastructure and promote the adoption of electric or hybrid-powered vehicles.

In addition, even in nonresidential buildings with more than ten parking spaces, the installation of the columns is a requirement for obtaining a permit.

It is important to note that it is also possible to install the columns in existing buildings, and recent tax policies make this particularly beneficial for the condominium community.

2023: how much charging infrastructure is there in Italy

As of September 30, 2023, there are about 47,228 charging points spread across Italy.

The region with the highest number of infrastructures is Lombardy with more than 8,000 columns; followed by Piedmont, Veneto, Lazio and Emilia Romagna.

The highest growth is in Campania, with 2,212 new charging points in the past year.

Compared with the previous period, overall there emerges an increase of +23% in the Islands and Southern Italy and +56% in Northern Italy.

Infographic source: Motus-E

Do you want to install condominium columns?

Condominium regulation of charging stations

The installation of charging stations in condominium buildings is sanctioned by the law no. 134/2012, Art. 17d, second paragraph with the approval of the condominium assembly and in compliance with the majority as stipulated in Article 1136 of the Civil Code.

In addition to this, safety, stability and architectural decorum of the condominium complex are established.

Thus, where there are electric vehicles, the legislature stipulates that charging stations can be installed and that the cost should not be burdensome for condominiums, since it is a useful if not necessary work.

For installation, it is necessary to rely on a licensed installer who will issue a certificate of compliance and provide essential maintenance and monitoring of the charging stations.

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    The charging stations for the individual condominium owner

    When the condominium refuses or stalls on the installation of charging stations, after three months have passed since the request, according to Article 1102 it is possible to proceed with the installation at its own expense and in accordance with the terms of the law:

    “Each condominium owner may make use of the common thing, provided he does not alter its purpose or prevent other participants from making equal use of it according to their right.”

    The allocation of expenses

    If there is no assembly approval, the columns can be installed in the common parts of the building.

    This is an option extended to either a group of condominiums or an individual, and the installation costs will be borne by the applicants and those who will in effect use the electric vehicle charging stations.

    Expenses should be shared among condominiums according to individual consumption.

    In case a condominium owner initially objects to the installation of the columns, he can use them if he changes his mind.

    In this case, the previously dissenting condominium owner may exercise the “”pro rata redemption of the facility”” established byArticle 1121, Paragraph 3, of the Civil Code with retroactive payment of dues.

    Installing column in condominium: what to do

    If you want to install an electric charging station in your condominium carport, you must first notify the condominium administrator with a formal notice, according to Article 1122 of the Civil Code.

    It will be at the discretion of the administrator to see if there are conditions to carry out the work ie:

    • Check that the installation does not cause criticality to other condominiums and common spaces;
    • That there is no express prohibition of installation in the condominium bylaws;
    • In the event that issues arise regarding the installation, the administrator can call a condominium meeting and submit a petition.

    There are no conditions for installation when the charging column:

    1. Affects architectural decorum;
    2. It goes to transforming common parts by making them unusable to condominiums;
    3. It burdens the stability of the building and its safety;
    4. If it complicates or makes it impossible for other cars to park or maneuver in the garage and common areas;
    5. If you are in the common area of a building of historical interest;
    6. If the number of columns to be installed is not equal to or less than the number of housing units.

    The condominium administrator can turn to the appropriate authority to protect the common property if he or she runs into any of the above situations.

    In fact, Art.1130 (paragraph 1, n4 c.c.) stipulates that he can take such action, even without addressing the assembly and with subsequent ratification.

    Choosing a competent supplier

    The installation of columns should be outsourced to a competent provider for several reasons:

    1. To avoid running into criticality and additional costs of malfunction;
    2. To know exactly which columns to install;
    3. To have efficient periodic maintenance.

    It is first necessary to assess the type of system to be installed. The following options can be considered among electric columns:

    1. Private garage with slow charging station;
    2. Common stall with slow charging-3-22KW;
    3. Common stall and fast charging, over 22kW;
    4. Multiple electric columns in one esco station;
    5. A system coupled with the condominium’s renewable system.

    Therefore, it is necessary to consult with qualified experts in the installation and maintenance of columns to evaluate, together with the administrator, what is most appropriate to install in the building.

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      Rules of use

      Byusing the columnscorrectly , frequent malfunctions and energy waste can be avoided, ensuring stable operation.

      It is important:

      • Use the charging cable provided by the manufacturer of the column and if it becomes damaged, request one of the same type;
      • Do not use third-party cables that may be defective or not compatible;
      • Carry out periodic maintenance of the system by the certified installer;
      • Avoid having column components replaced by unqualified personnel. Maintenance, in fact, involves the issuance of a certificate.
      • Ensure that the charging cable is protected from external agents and is always in good condition.

      In the guide compiled on*, it is also recommended to consider insurance coverage to cover any critical issues.

      Thus, the installation of condominium columns is possible, subject to the advice of the assembly and the safety rules necessary to safeguard both the common parts and the facility.

      Bonus columns

      The Budget Law 2021, introduced the possibility of reimbursements for the costs of building charging stations.

      The most recent contributions are to cover condominium and private column installation expenses for 2021,2022, 2023,2024.

      We discussed this in depth in this article.

      Here is a summary of the measure:

      The Bonus or “Contribution for the purchase and installation of standard power infrastructure for the charging of electric-powered vehicles, carried out by domestic users” (Mimit) for those who have already installed during 2022 domestic electric columns has scheduled the submission of applications from October 19 to November 2, 2023.

      The grant period covers interventions carried out from October 4, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

      To access the contributions, disbursed directly to one’s C.C., one uses the appropriate IT platform.


      Apply for Bonus

      For columns installed during 2023, it is possible to claim the bonus from November 9 to 23, 2023.

      “The total allocation, derived from the funds available under the NRP, is 40 million for 2022 and another 40 million for 2023, which will be available to both individuals and condominiums.”

      Specifically as reported in our in-depth study:

      “The coverage of 80% of expenses (infrastructure and installation) shall not exceed the following limits:

      • 1,500 euros for each per individual who applies
      • 8,000 for condominium installation concerning common parts
      • Eligible expenses include those for electrical installations and monitoring devices, design and construction management, safety and testing, and costs for grid connection activated by a new POD – Point Of Delivery.

      Regarding charging columns and infrastructure, these must be newly manufactured standard power.”

      “The incentive also covers those who have provided for the installation of electric columns in 2023 and for those who decide to install them during 2024, with funds already available from those not used.” (Fastbrain Enginering)

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