Today Fastbrain makes electric charging stations and Wallboxes with quality components, prioritizing the functionality required by customers and the ease of use of interfaces, putting decades of experience in innovation at your disposal.

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Why electric charging stations?

The up to 10-fold increase in electric car sales in the European Union in the past 5 years has necessitated awidespread infrastructure based on fast and accessible charging.

Research conducted on behalf ofACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, estimated that some 6.8 million charging points will be needed by 2030 to keep pace with the ongoing green transition and the increase in electric car and motorcycle registrations.

In Italy, we have reached 30,704 installed charging points, and another 20,000 are expected to be in the pipeline under the PNRR by 2025. In addition, more than half of e-drivers in Europe (+51%) have now chosen to recharge their electric cars from their home wall boxes.

This is the future but also the present ahead, with investments and incentives from institutions aimed at accelerating and supporting the ecological transition. Fastbrain is participating in this paradigm shift with enthusiasm, dedication and high competence.

Differences between Wall Boxes and Charging Columns

Wall boxes are called wall-mounted electric charging stations, while ground-mounted charging stations are generically called charging stations.

The main difference between the two is that wall-boxes are primarily devices used in private settings, thus domestic, condominium, and basically residential, with access limited to those who share ownership of properties. Ground-mounted charging stations, on the other hand, can be installed in any public space: from highways to truck stops to parking lots, their use is free and allowed to a wider audience (as is the case with traditional self-service gasoline pumps).

TheChargeUp Europe association estimated that there are about 330,000 charging points currently installed in Europe, with 73 public infrastructures per 100,000 inhabitants and a growth rate from 2015 to 2021 of 580 percent. Finally, installed domestic units, i.e., Wall Boxes are more than double the number installed in workplaces, with most of the infrastructure in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. By 2030, the number of columns is projected to increase tenfold.

Why choose a domestic wall box?

The Wall Box offers a certain guarantee of safety since it is equipped with intelligent control systems capable of monitoring and limiting overloads in the electrical system of our homes. In addition, the programmability of recharges saves on energy consumption.

This special “wall-mounted” charging station allows us to refuel more safely and efficiently than a regular household outlet and can be integrated into the electrical system without special adjustments. If you want, then you can also apply for an increase in meter power through the energy service provider’s website completely free of charge by April 30, 2023.

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wall-mounted or ground charging stations

Wall-Boxes usually have no. 1 charging outlet; therefore, they must be installed in the same number as the number of parking spaces to be equipped. Some models are equipped with no. 2 sockets. In the latter case, the power of the Wall -Box will be divided equally among all connected devices, slowing down their charging process.

Charging stations are available Both with n. 1 socket (Columns 1x), either with no. 2 Sockets (2x Columns). When there are two outlets, they can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. Charging Columns are ideal for installations in parking spaces where there is a need to charge several cars even simultaneously without reducing charging times.

Quality components, safe and reliable service

Our charging stations offer safe, reliable and efficient service. The simplified interface makes charging accessible to everyone.

The minimalist and essential design is designed to be installed in any setting, and because of this, it never looks out of place.

Our products can also be customized according to the target environment. In addition, given the different needs of customers, it can be decided whether to allocate some parking spaces to electric car users only or provide for infrastructure sharing.

A management software to allocate energy costs

With the simple integrated management software, you can allocate costs according to the electricity consumption of recharges.

Energy metering and resale are possible thanks to the certified energy meter built into our stations.

The action of connecting and interacting with management and charging systems is simple. In fact, we always find a solution to bring our stations online, through the use of Wi-Fi or wired systems.


Charging Stations and Charging Wallboxes for electric vehicles comply with MODE 3 of the international standard IEC/EN 61851-1. Consisting of one or two built-in Type 2 charging sockets, equipped with Safety Child Shutter in accordance with IEC/EN 62196-2 IPXXD or with integrated cable (Tethered), single-phase or three-phase of various sizes and lengths with power from 3.7 kW to 22 kW.

The built-in power balance function can be configured to set the maximum power the charging station will draw from the power grid and automatic load balancing.

  • The charging stations are made of a sturdy anodized aluminum and stainless steel structure and can be installed outdoors.
  • Wallboxes are made of sturdy technopolymer plastic housing that is highly resistant to UV rays, suitable for outdoor installation. High degree of protection from dust and water.
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Both of our products are particularly suitable forinstallation in private areas, condominium environments, parking lots of hotel facilities, shopping malls or business centers. Stations can be supplied with graphic customizations upon request. The products are fully developed and manufactured in Italy.

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