Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. was founded with the aim of becoming an established entity in the field of design, development and implementation of operating software and hardware elements.

It establishes itself as a leading entity in the distribution of electromedical equipment, those devices useful for remote reporting of diseases.

A new line of products entirely dedicated to Teledermics is created : a service designed and studied to be delivered in the Pharmacy, through which useful data can be acquired very quickly for the evaluation of skin lesions.

The medical project is now in port and active in many Italian pharmacies, and an outside company is expressing interest in acquiring it. Thus an agreement is reached and the entire business is sold.

In the face of a partial corporate reorganization and with the entry of new shareholders, new lines of business are implemented aimed mainly at the activities of supplying wholesale technology products, developing customized IT solutions and providing installation, maintenance and support services aimed at professionals.

Historical relationships with Customers and Suppliers under the new management are consolidated, and the structure is reorganized to fully support distribution activities. The year is closed with 6.1 million euros in sales.

The operational headquarters is moved to Strada del Cascinotto 132 in Turin, where the new offices and warehouse are located. Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. ‘s workforce is growing in step with its sales, which stood at about 8 million euros at the end of the year.

Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. is a central interlocutor in ICT wholesale distribution and one of the leading players throughout the country in the IT and technology products distribution market. Closes the year with nearly 12 million euros in sales.

The year 2022 marked a turning point for our position as a B2B ICT Distributor in Italy, consolidating our presence throughout the country. Four new resources have joined our technical sales team, further strengthening our ability to better serve our Customers. Finally, 2022 was marked by significant growth in sales, which reached nearly 18 million euros.

2023 was a decisive year as we launched the Business Unit dedicated to systems services, welcoming our first IT systems technician. This step definitely configured our company as a complete Solution Provider in the IT field, able to offer our Customers not only IT and technology devices, but also hardware and system technical support services. Finally, despite the global challenges due to the aftermath of Covid, which caused a sharp contraction in the IT and technology market, our continued efforts enabled us to close the year at just over 14 million euros in sales.


What do we do?

Our business is Technology, meaning both Information Technology and Consumer Electronics (i.e., those products for entertainment and communication). We specialize in both wholesaling and designing customized solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our mission statement

Our watchword is customization. In fact, each Professional has his or her own needs and work dynamics-our role is to support your business and help you choose the best technology solutions in terms of price and efficiency.

High Technology

We accompany every Enterprise and every Professional in the choice of the best technologies on the market, paying special attention to what we consider to be the cornerstones of our activity: resource optimization, product efficiency and user experience.

The best advice

Juggling technologies and choosing the best one for your business is always very difficult. Every business has different needs and dynamics.

Our consultants are ready to gather all needs to offer the best solutions.










A key feature and competitive advantage is the selection of top brands and leading products in the most popular product categories.

In fact,Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. is a Certified Partner of leading Technology Players, including:

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