Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. targets Small and Medium Enterprises as a Value Added Distributor and therefore develops customized solutions and offers installation, maintenance and support services.

As a modern supplier, Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. understands that optimizing business costs often determines the company’s own profit, and for this reason it aspires to be above all an assistant to your purchasing department.

Realizing also that the economic aspect in the context of a company’s technological reorganization holds a crucial aspect, Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. offers innovative, versatile and customized procurement solutions that differ from the traditional one.


Operational Rental (also called Renting or Leasing) is a medium-term operation increasingly adopted by companies. We are able to offer purchasing solutions other than the traditional one.


Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. provides qualified support services designed to immediately identify the source of the problem so that it can be promptly resolved, thus preventing it from spreading rapidly out of control.


Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. offers companies a support service calibrated according to the real needs of the activity carried out, which is established on the basis of
To the number of workstations and devices used.


Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. guides you through the world of Information Technology by offering both modular package solutions and customized software projects, with supply and support of simple software systems.


We have been among the most advanced in the field of technical system support for companies and offices of all sizes for years. Our systems division counts among its ranks a group of trained systems technicians.

Fastbrain Engineering Ltd.

Operational headquarters: Cascinotto Road, 132 10156 - Turin

Tel 011.0376.054

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