Collaboration with Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. ensures the best compromise between availability and price and allows optimizing and reducing management costs of purchasing and logistics organization. Bids are sent out on a regular basis following an ongoing comparison with numerous price lists, constantly updated and trying to make the most of the opportunities we periodically receive.

Our mission is based on an ongoing commitment in order to understand the Customer’s needs and find the best solution that meets them!


The hallmarks of Our collaboration are as follows:


Being a central player in the ICT distribution sector gives us a comprehensive view of the Italian scenario and, clearly, access to unique offerings.


Our ambition is to be able to be constantly in support of your purchasing department so that you can minimize the expenditure of energy and time to monitor orders and optimize business costs.


Constant monitoring of price lists allows us to stay abreast of market trends and thus make the most of the many opportunities to which we have access.


We carry out our work with competence, thoroughness and adequate professional training with the sole objective of completing the commitments made and thus satisfying the Client.


Our entrepreneurial view of the market means that the company’s activities go to tangents in sectors that are not closely related to each other, thus going to integrate different market segments, which are selected according to the rate of return.


Our mission is based on an ongoing commitment in order to understand the Client’s needs and find the best solution that meets them.


We give guarantee of the proper performance of the planned activities within the stipulated time and with ample achievement of the degree of customer satisfaction.


The customer will be able to relate at any time with our salesperson of reference, knowing that he or she has at his or her side an interlocutor capable of understanding his or her needs and always finding appropriate solutions.


We are able to accept and fulfill orders from all parts of the European Community. One of our strengths is that we are registered with VIES (VAT Information Exchange System), so we can carry out all kinds of intercommunity transactions.

Fastbrain Engineering Ltd.

Operational headquarters: Cascinotto Road, 132 10156 - Turin

Tel 011.0376.054

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