The ability to choose for the same type of product from different brands: from OEM to commercial brand and/or number one manufacturer. The mission of Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. is to become a reference point for its Customers, offering products and services with continuity and professionalism.

The people who make up the staff of Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. have years of experience in their specific field, thus ensuring skills that are perhaps hard to find today.

In an ever-changing market, we want to be able to provide stability to its Customers, becoming a reliable and serious partner before being a supplier. Therefore, our philosophy, while striving to offer increasingly competitive prices, is mainly based on human relationship and direct contact.

The customer will be able to relate at every moment and at every stage of the commercial, technical and production process, knowing that he has at his side an interlocutor capable of understanding to always find adequate solutions.

Fastbrain Engineering Ltd.

Operational headquarters: Cascinotto Road, 132 10156 - Turin

Tel 011.0376.054

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