Every day we ask ourselves – How can we make this customer happy? How can we do this by continuing along the path ofinnovation? – We wonder because, if not, someone else will do it.”
Bill Gates

What is technology?

For Treccani, technology is “the application and use of technical tools, i.e., everything that can be applied to solving practical problems, optimizing procedures, making decisions, and choosing strategies aimed at certain goals.”

Definition that in Fastbrain we did espoused in full.

Innovative technologies: what they are for Fastbrain

From storage to wereable technology, Fastbrain is continuously searching for innovative solutions and technologies focused on the right instrumentation to achieve the best performance.

Solutions designed to help companies and professionals cope with the current technological transaction process.

At the core is the desire to stand alongside the Client as a technology partner, providing a tailor-made product suitable for all businesses and professionals who wish to carve out a leading role inIndustry 4.0.

Technological innovation: the challenges we face

Every day we are faced with new challenges, with areas such as Assisted Re ality and Augmented Reality, Wearable Device, Worker Safety, and we are dealing with many devices designed to speed up the transition to Industry 4.0 for all industries:

From Energy and Utilities, to Petroleum, Gas, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Construction, Mining, Transportation and Logistics, Automotive, Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing. There is no limit to technological innovation.

Just think, for example, of tools capable of communicating with technical support through real-time video sharing, thus obtaining remote support on failed or defective machinery.

Or to Virtual Tours, useful for real estate agencies, architects, engineers and others. But there is much more.

Innovative Technologies: a challenge for Industry 4.0

We are at a turning point, a time in history when we are experiencing the highest rate of innovation and technological revolution ever.

The world of work, schools, professions, companies and public bodies are in the midst of a transformation process to which Fastbrain Eingenering contributes by offering opportunities to innovate by keeping up with new challenges.

At the heart of Fastbrain Technologies: an interconnected world

At the heart of our technologies is a world that is in full transformation, interconnected, and changing structurally every day.

Fastbrain, in line with the challenges launched by the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitization, aims to accelerate the switch-off to digital, focusing on the most advanced technologies.

In this regard, Fastbrain has defined a system Of testing and scouting innovative products and solutions to simplify the transition to what is called the “fourth industrial revolution” and prepare the Professionals and Companies to face with serenity the world ahead that is already well mapped out.

Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurship. The act that fosters success with a new capacity to create well-being.”
Peter Ferdinand Drucke

Observatory on Innovative Technologies

We have established an in-house observatory that constantly scouts out the best products for Industry 4.0 (but also to accompany companies in the transformation process), with meticulous selection.

For each product proposed to the customer we carry out:

  • Thorough and repeated testing;
  • Practical study of each case;
  • Comparison of software to implement the most efficient and cost-effective solutions;
  • Practical analysis of the best technologies to respond quickly and specialized to specific needs;
  • Research the product’s points of differentiation from competitors (quality, price, performance according to various indicators).

Report and feedback

At the end of each testing phase we produce accurate reports, enabling us to improve at each step and propose efficient solutions to the client for their specific profession.

In particular, during this process we ensure that the product meets precisely the design and practical requirements indicated.

Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. caters to different Clients to whom it tends to offer a unique and impeccable service. Constantly working to find innovative solutions for Companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and workers in every field, it aims to make work efficient in all its forms, with the most advanced tools offered by the global market.

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