Augmented and assisted reality: an overview of real-world use

People first, always.

Keep your frontline team safe, protected and productive with hands free access to critical data, documentation, and communications right when they need it most. (RealWear)

People first, always.

Keep your frontline team safe, secure and productive with hands-free access to critical data, documentation and communications just when they need it most. (RealWear)

Here is a definition of assisted reality that also summarizes its main features.

The advantages of assisted reality

Data reported by analysts and customers* of U.S. giant RealWear and based on the use of assisted and augmented reality devices indicate increased productivity and sustainability among the benefits first and foremost.

Less travel for training-so less pollution-for remote assistance, with faster turnaround times.

Everything is done in real time, with the proper tools, hands free at all times to perform the necessary operations, and secure connection.

Proven benefits include:

  • Reduce training time by 50 percent (Source: GlobalFoundris);
  • 5 times less likely to fail than reinforced handhelds (VCD research);
  • 89% faster audits (Texmarks); *

Assisted reality is successfully applied in manufacturing reality today, as evidenced by the many case studies we publish in this blog from time to time.

In fact, AR and RA can offer practical help in various industries, professional, passing through education, cuola, architecture, real estate and beyond.

Here are some cases where this technology has really made a difference:

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Case Study 1: British Standards Institution

“RealWear has been a key factor in the success of our digital transformation and a key partner in helping transform our delivery of certification and consulting services.

Their technology has enabled us to efficiently scale our subject matter experts globally while reducing our carbon footprint.

We have now delivered over 200,000 remote audit days, eliminating on-site travel to many customer locations that were previously inaccessible. With
RealWear Navigator™ 500
, the company has clearly doubled down on what we appreciate in the HMT-1 (the world’s first hands-free Android™ tablet-class wearable computer for industrial workers).

The addition of a modular design, a hot-swappable battery, and an improved camera will expand our use cases and unlock even more value for our customers.” (British Standards Institution)

Case study 2: Volkswagen

Thanks to the support of RealWear-branded assisted reality, the efficiency of repairs at Volkswagen increased by +93%.

“This technology provides the perfect solution by reducing the time a van spends on the shop floor and improving the sustainability of our technical support operations.” Volkswagen UK

Volkswagen Group UK, a division of the global Volkswagen Group that is responsible for the sales and service of the brand’s vehicles in the UK, has faced the challenge of increasingly complex vehicles that require a Collaboration between service technicians and experienced engineers, prolonging maintenance time.

The solution was to allow technicians from 67 Van Centers and 30 Authorized Repairers to connect directly with the experts at the Technical Service Center.

An innovation that led to:

  • An increased repair efficiency of 93%;
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions of 2.5 tons in the technical service center;
  • The elimination of the need for travel;
  • Increased customer satisfaction through reduced maintenance time.

Improved customer service with faster service

The RealWear device enhances real-time collaboration with video and audio, allowing technicians to continue working hands-free.

At Volkswagen Group UK’s Technical Service Center, experienced engineers provide support to technicians for difficult diagnoses and repairs.

However, the time taken by engineers to reach service facilities or document problems by phone or e-mail can cause delays and result in customers spending more time without their vehicles.

The use of assisted reality technology, such as that provided by Atheer on RealWear, enables technicians to refine the diagnosis and repair of complex problems.

This leads to improved customer service, reducing vehicle downtime and contributing to the sustainability of Volkswagen Group UK’s technical support operations.

Case Study 3: Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive eliminates the cost of travel expenses with Realwear

Colgate-Palmolive chose RealWear as a strategic partner to enable remote collaboration between its team of global experts and frontline workers.

Colgate-Palmolive, with its many production and research facilities around the world, faced the challenge of having to have experts travel for installations and repairs, causing high costs and delays in production.

Through the use of RealWear HMT-1, virtual collaboration has overcome these challenges, improving the safety, efficiency and timeliness of operations.

Some specific examples of applications include factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing, factory performance reliability audits and experimental production orders.

This solution has led to many positive results, including:

  • Increased access to experts;
  • The elimination of expert travel;
  • Reduction of downtime in production.

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We are the Official RealWear Partner for Italy and will provide you with one of our Experts free of charge to gain a practical understanding of how RealWear can apply to your specific needs to improve your work.

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It is made for productivity and designed for safety.


It is a state-of-the-art wearable device in both hardware and software (Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, 4gb/64gb, Android 11), with a 48MP camera-it records at 1920*1080, 60 FPS-removable.

With Realwear Navigator 500 you will have the ability to operate in extremely noisy environments (up to 94dB), in comfort.

RealWear has IP66 certification for dust and liquids and has drop resistance up to 2 meters.

It is provided with:

  • Camera: 48 MP, 1080p 60fps video
  • Display type: LCD
  • Resolution: 854×480 pixels
  • FOV: 20 degrees
  • Memory: 64GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Noise cancellation: 100 dB
  • Weight: 270 grams
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RA and AR: More examples of real-world use

In the real world, augmented reality applications such as Layar allow users to view restaurant reviews or building information simply by pointing their device’s camera at a particular object.

Another practical application of augmented reality is found in the industrial sector. Companies use this technology to train their employees more effectively.

Through the use of
smart glasses
, workers can view step-by-step instructions directly in the field, simplifying learning processes and reducing errors.

For example, Boeing has introduced the use of smart glasses in airplane production, enabling operators to see instructions in real time and improving efficiency.

But augmented reality does not stop with industry alone. In the field of medicine, for example, it has been used to assist surgery.

Surgeons can view radiological images directly on the patient, allowing for greater accuracy during surgery. In addition, augmented reality has been used for physical rehabilitation, providing interactive exercises that encourage patients to regain their motor function.

Assisted reality: user support

Parallel to augmented reality, assisted reality focuses on supporting users in specific activities.

An example of practical application is the tourism sector. Through the use of AR applications, tourists can discover detailed information about the places they visit, look at historical reconstructions, or follow guided tours without the need for an actual guide.

This technology has the potential to enhance the tourism experience and enrich travelers’ cultural knowledge.

In conclusion, augmented and assisted reality are bringing important innovations to the real world.

Usage ranges from areas such as industry and medicine to tourism and entertainment. The fusion of the physical and multimedia worlds offers tremendous opportunities to improve our lives and simplify daily activities, opening up new perspectives and potentials.

Who we are

We are the Official RealWear Partner for Italy and will provide you with one of our Experts free of charge to gain a practical understanding of how RealWear can apply to your specific needs to improve your work.


We are the Official RealWear Partner for Italy and will provide you with one of our Experts free of charge to gain a practical understanding of how RealWear can apply to your specific needs to improve your work.

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Every day we are faced with new challenges, with areas such as Assisted Reality and Augmented Reality, Wearable Device, Worker Safety, and we are dealing with many devices designed to speed up the transition to Industry 4.0 for all industries:

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Just think, for example, of tools capable of communicating with technical support through real-time video sharing, thus obtaining remote support on failed or defective machinery.

Or to Virtual Tours, useful for real estate agencies, architects, engineers and the entire Industry 4.0 sector. Assisted reality can help even small companies increase efficiency and profitability.





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