New Digital TV: everything you need to know and how to adapt

The next two years will be crucial for the future of Italiantelevision broadcast ing, as they will mark another turning point after the transition from analog to digital signals.

In fact, the transmission mode will change again, adopting a new technology: the DVB-T2 (“
Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial
“), in a process also called “Switch – off TV.”

What is DVB-T2

As MISE’s institutional website explains, DVB-T2 represents “the next-generation standard for broadcasting on the digital terrestrial platform from the European DVB consortium“; compared with the current modes of transmission, the new digital TV will leverage the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexes that “Enables good reception of TV data even in the presence of interference and high noise levels“. In addition to reducing costs for practitioners, this technology ensures improved visual quality and image definition, providing users with a higher quality service.

The move to DVB-T2 will also free up the 700Mhz band, leaving it for telephone operators.

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The transition to MPEG-4 encoding

The first step in the transition to the new TV signal transmission standard is the switch from DVBT/MPEG-2 encoding to the more modern MPEG-4. The latter is the standard for some applications such as video telephony and, indeed, digital television.

As of October 2021, the gradual Decommissioning of MPEG-2 encoding in favor of MPEG-4 (on the current standard, DVBT); at the same time, those broadcasters who decide to prepare right away-voluntarily-this first transition will begin broadcasting part of their programming with the new encoding. To check whether your TV can support signal transmission with MPEG-4, simply check whether any of the HD channels already available (Rai 1 HD, Channel 5 HD, and others) are visible; if not, your device is not suitable for receiving the new signal.

TV switch off deadlines

The transition to the new DVB-T2 standard will be gradual and will be implemented in several successive stages.

Specifically, the liberation of the 700MHz band will be completed by June 30, 2022. As a result, activation of the new DVB-T2 transmission standard is scheduled for January 2023; from then on, only the latest generation of TV sets or those connected to a special decoder will be able to receive the TV signal. Meanwhile, the measure that will define how DVTB/MPEG-2 encoding will be decommissioned is expected as early as the end of 2021.

How to adjust to the TV switch off

To adapt to the new broadcasting standard, there are basically two options: buy a decoder to enable your TV to receive the new signal or buy a state-of-the-art TV. Television sets purchased before December 2018 can only be made eligible to view channels broadcast with the new parameters by using a special decoder.

For newer TVs, a simple reception test is sufficient: if Rai 1 is visible on TV on channel 1 and Channel 5 on channel 5, just check if “HEVC Test Main10” appears on channels 100 and 200. In that case, the TV can also receive the new MPEG-4 encoding.

How to choose the appropriate TV set

In case the need to change TV sets arises, a model suitable for the new broadcast standards should be chosen. In this regard, it is advisable to check that the datasheet or instruction manual of the TV you want to buy states “DVB-T2 HEVC Main10“; in addition, you can do a check using theappropriate section on the MISE website.

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