Why an e-shop only for Companies and VAT payers? All the benefits

Why an e-shop only for Companies and VAT payers? All the benefits

It is time for digital commerce to take stock and find solutions. The crisis is there, no use hiding.

In 2022,product e-commerce has, in fact, slowed down. This is according to the latest findings by Osservatori.net, with product e-commerce +8% compared to +18% in 2021, while overall online shopping in Italy in 2022 reached a value of +20% compared to 2021 (48.1 billion euros).

What are the reasons for this downturn?

After the online boom in the pandemic period, we are faced with a time of economic uncertainty internationally: commodity price increases, inflation, and consequent reduction in purchasing power.

Thus, in the Italian scenario, e-commerce has suffered a decline in purchasing power, with a preference for cheaper or promoted products, despite the fact that digital consumers are more than a third of the population.

As the president of Netcomm states. Roberto Liscia, this is a context that, at present, should provide for institutions and actors operating in the market to work “with a view to cooperation to enable our country’s small and medium-sized enterprises to be competitive internationally as well.”

Digital retail needs a boost

Meanwhile, In the absence of structural policies to take action to Calming prices and supporting e-commerce and professionals working in the field, Fastbrain has for several years now developed a business proposition Primarily oriented toward business, based precisely on special and indefinite discounting directed at VAT-registered holders.

A business-only e-shop? Here’s how it works

Fastbrain has in fact configured an e-shop dedicated to the needs of professionals and businesses with list prices and various facilities that reflect their needs.

The partnership with the
best technological brands
on the market and being the exclusive distributor in Italy for some of them, allows the Turin-based company to be able to offer customers special list prices and sales conditions.

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The advantages of the Fastbrain e-shop

  • Unique, indefinitely discounted prices aimed at VAT holders;
  • Personalized, free, always available assistance;
  • Assisting the customer in finding a particular product at a discounted price;
  • Discounts and purchase concessions on technologies from top brands;
  • Advantageous purchasing conditions such as
    operating rental
    or leasing, which allow you to save money and pay for all the required equipment in small installments;
  • Assistance provided by trained and qualified personnel, including troubleshooting issues concerning hardware and software.

How do we do it

Empathetically immersed in the needs of businesses and professionals, Fastbrain experts perform continuous scouting for the best products, the most innovative and high-performing according to the period, offering all the necessary equipment for companies that want to stay in step with the times and be competitive even without having to have large budgets.

As a result, thee-shop for companies and VAT-registered holders that can be accessed upon registration is constantly being updated, with the aim of providing ever-new, high-quality products but at calmierized prices, offering businesses a fleet of the latest machines and technological solutions, but at advantageous economic conditions.

We also offer assistance to those who wish to learn more about some of the facilities provided by the government, such as the New Sabatini for capital goods, to which we have dedicated a direct line to a consultant for technical advice.

Fastbrain offers a wide selection of products at the best prices

Consumer electronics, audio devices such as headphones and earphones, TVs, Notebooks, printers, tablets, computer hardware such as RAM, motherboards, HDDs and SDDs, and more.

The B2B area is reserved for companies and VAT holders, the prices you will find within the area are discounted and reserved for business customers.

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In the Store you will find a selection of the best brands and the most competitive prices on the market.

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What is the B2B Fastbrain area

It is a Business to Business portal in which to consult the official lists having at their disposal a true “ecosystem” made up of assistance, advice, and purchases tailored to their needs, even relating to an entire stock of products (e.g., laptops, servers, printers, and more) useful in a professional studio, company, office, and any public or private entity.

FAQ E-shop VAT accounts

How do you access the B2B area?

Go to the following link and register by entering your email and VAT number. You will be sent a confirmation email upon registration with your login information and you can start browsing categories.

Is it free?

Of course, access to the B2B area is free and without commitment.

What do I find within the area?

Consumer electronics, audio devices such as headphones and earphones, TVs, Notebooks, printers, tablets, computer hardware such as RAM, motherboards, HDDs, and SDDs. By requesting restricted access to the B2B area, you have the opportunity to receive the weekly newsletter with discounted offers reserved for members.

How do you navigate within the B2B area?

On the home page you will find a number of products already featured, selected each week by our experts, based on convenience and quality. If you need a specific product, click on the category button or enter the product type or name in the internal search engine. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can ask for assistance via chat or email.

How to request assistance?

You will simply click on the chat button found in the lower right corner. We will help you find the product you are looking for and at a discounted price.

If I can’t find what I’m interested in?

Our warehouse and partnerships are extensive. If you need to purchase a product that you cannot find in the B2B area, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you customized quotes to meet your every request.

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Why choose Fastbrain

Fastbrain Engineering Ltd. Certified Partner of leading Technology Players including Brother, Lenovo, Synology, Graetz, SiComupter offers customized purchasing solutions tailored to the needs of professionals. It offers, in addition, pre- and post-sales support, including operational rental.

We are a central player in ICT wholesale distribution and one of the leading players throughout the country in the IT and technology product distribution market. A key feature and competitive advantage is the selection of top brands and leading products in the most popular product categories.

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