The best wireless labelers for home, business and smart working

represent, in any area of use, an indispensable resource for meeting tracking, sampling and, consequently, organizing the location of a large quantity of items and objects.

Because of this, label printers have become increasingly popular and used, gradually adapting to new technologies to provide users with versatile and multifunctional printing solutions to suit a wide range of needs.

Wireless labelers: what they are

It is with this in mind that wireless labelers are born; these are devices that can connect wirelessly to the Wi-Fi network or portable devices(smartphones or tablets) to print labels.

Solutions of this kind enable optimization of printing processes, making them faster and manageable in a smart way. Wireless labelers are a very flexible printing solution, applicable to a variety of contexts of use, professional, business and even home. Saving time and money, in short, is assured.

Wireless home labelers: from cataloging to tidy closets

Contrary to what you might think, there are specific labeling requirements in the home as well, mainly related to the proper organization of space.

Labels, in fact, can be used to categorize folders for household accounts or those containing various types of documents; in addition, they can be applied to photo albums, binders and the like. An effective labeling system can also be very useful for keeping closets tidy by labeling boxes so that their contents are easily recognizable, especially during ‘season changes.’ Similarly, labels can be used to catalog ingredients and spices for use in cooking.

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Wireless labelers for business: offices and commercial activities

In offices, as well as in other workplaces, labeling is critical from an organizational standpoint, particularly with regard to what is involved in archive management.

Labels allow folders containing documents and files to be properly filed; thus, optimizing the internal organization of the office, reducing wasted time in case a particular paper protocol needs to be accessed.

Wireless printers can also be used to produce labels to be affixed to outgoing postal packages (so that the information is clearly and prominently displayed). Finally, not to be underestimated is the aspect related to the security: Covid-19-related contingencies have brought out new information needs for the use of enclosed spaces; thanks to signs and labels, it is possible to indicate where temperature detectors, sanitizing products and protocols to be followed within the office itself are located.

Fastbrain promotions on wireless home, business and smart working labelers from Brother

A practical aid to better organize your home, office and business, Brother wireless labelers give you extraordinary support and are super easy to use. What’s more, Fastbrain, a certified partner of Brother, a true global “giant” in offering printing and scanning, labeling, and print fleet optimization and monitoring software solutions, with dedicated discounts offers additional benefits to those who want to improve the organization of their business.


Brother VC-500W Color Label Printer

€ 179,00
€ 145,00
(vat incl.)


The Brother VC-500W label maker connects to both PC and Mac and prints labels using the P-touch Editor design software; or using the free Brother “Color Label Editor” App, labels can be designed and printed directly from iOS and Android mobile devices.

Main Features:

  • It uses Zero-Ink® ZINK® printing technology to produce color labels without the need for ink;
  • Print on continuous-length rolls labels from 9 mm to 50 mm wide;
  • USB port and Wi-Fi connectivity to create labels from your PC, Mac, and Android and iOS devices;
  • Free Brother “Color Label Editor” app for creating labels from your smartphone/tablet;
  • Free P-Touch Editor software for creating and editing labels for Windows and Mac and free downloadable app for smartphones or tablets;

Built-in cutter to create custom length labels.

Brother QL-1100 Label Printer

€ 370,00
€ 219,00
(vat incl.)


The Brother QL-1100 is aperfect label maker for business and smart working, with the ability, among others, to print barcodes and import logos. The QL1100 allows up to 99 print patterns to be stored in memory.

Main Features:

  • Real print width of 4″ (max print area 101.6 mm);
  • Continuous-length DK rolls and pre-cut labels;
  • “Crop and Print” function;
  • Print speeds up to 110 mm/sec and USB connectivity;
  • Printing barcodes, importing logos, images, and Excel or CSV databases;
  • P-touch Templates and SDK packages for maximum integration.

Wireless labelers for smart working: streamline organization

Therise of smart working is one of the main medium-term consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic; full or partial, this mode of work requires great organizational skills, such that one can effectively reshape one’s home space to suit one’s professional activity.

In this regard, a good wireless labeling machine can certainly come in handy. Labels can help streamline workstation organization and accurately catalog tax-related documents such as invoices, expense reports, contracts and the like.

Not the least, labeling helps to clearly identify material related to an individual project so that it is at hand when needed.

Brother QL-800 Label Printer

€ 129,00
€ 99,00
(vat incl.)


The Brother QL-800 labeling machine is the ideal solution for many types of business activities: not only in the office but also in retail, food, postal, facility management, buildings, and other industries.

Main Features:

  • Print two-color black and red labels (Requires use of DK-22251 roll);
  • Continuous-length rolls and pre-cut labels;
  • High printing speed, up to 93 labels/minute;
  • Automatic cutter;
  • Advanced label creation software, P-touch Editor;
  • Includes two rolls in the package.

Brother PT-D210 desktop labeler

€ 66,10
€ 36,00
(vat incl.)


The Brother PT-D210 label maker is an indispensable tool for keeping the office in perfect order. The high printing speed of up to 20mm/sec allows you to quickly label the contents of folders, documents, filing cabinets, shelves and other items in your work or home environment.

Which labeling machines to choose?

Regardless of the scope of use, it is advisable to choose a product that offers adequate performance guarantees such as the
Brother wireless printers

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from numerous options; in addition to those reported in the article, on promotion, here are other suggestions: the range
P-Touch CUBE
is ideal for office use, as it allows for labels of different colors and sizes. The printer
Brother QL-820NWB
, thanks to its LCD display and two-color printing (black and red) is especially suitable for business use, as are the
QL-810W labelers
and QL820NWB, which also feature Wi-Fi connectivity.

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