Change of season: how to best organize (also) with the Brother QL-810W label printer

“Sort by category, not by location. Follow the right order.” Konmari Method

For the
change of seasons
or the reorganization of rooms in the home, whether closets, attics or pantries, “category” is the watchword.

Here are some tips for a successful change of season.

Improving the quality of life by reorganizing the walk-in closet

Even an expert of the caliber of Marie Kondo, a superstar in reorganizing home environments based on this very aspect, says so.

Thetopic is trending because it helps to regain a kind of existential balance, as demonstrated by other successful series such as Matt D’Avella’s “Minimalism: less is now” with Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus, where they experiment with living with fewer objects.

Among best-sellers, series, various tutorials based on this very activity aimed at simplifying household management, we can extrapolate the most practical and useful part to our needs.

The goal is to improve the quality of life by eliminating the superfluous, what is actually not needed, but above all by perfecting space management.

Change of season: beware of the method

All of this can be done, even in the case of the change of seasons, as long as we pay attention to the method.

Sorting things (shelves, clothing, utensils, etc.) by category is perfectly associated with the use offunctional, quick, color-segregatedlabeling to keep every item of clothing and item required within “eye” and hand’s reach.

Finally, that of selecting clothing or shoes, objects and documents during the change of seasons and major “cleaning” of rooms also has a clear psychological significance.

In fact, there is talk of “Sundayreset” (among the most-followed hastags on Instagram), so much so as not to combine such activity with the mere change of season but with a day, understood as a particular moment, in which one decides to “put things in order.”

From a psychological point of view, then, as psychotherapists say and inspired by disciplines such as “yoga for the home,” tidying up is like regaining vital energy, limited, precisely, by chaos.

nuove funzionalità smart dell'etichettatura

Some tips for a successful change of season

  • Fix a little at a time if you are short on time;
  • Sort through everything that is not needed by piling things up perhaps in an underused area of the house (garage, attic, etc.);
  • Start with small spaces: e.g., a drawer, a shelf, a part of the closet, so as not to get discouraged right away and then move on to larger areas;
  • Equip yourself with boxes, envelopes, and whatever you need to rearrange and select items and clothing to keep, donate, or discard;
  • Divide what is not needed from what we want to keep with the help of affixed labels.

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7 things you need for the change of season

  1. Colorful adhesive labels;
  2. Fabric ribbons;
  3. Boxes;
  4. Bags;
  5. Containers;
  6. Mothproofers, drawer and cabinet scenters;
  7. Dusting and wiping rag.

As suggested by the Konmari method, which we cite due to its popularity and simplicity, one must first envision one’s ideal style.

What is put into practice is nothing revolutionary; rather, it is one of the cornerstones of minimalism, along the lines of “less is more (less and better).”

Getting rid of the superfluous, as already mentioned, can often also improve us on the psychological aspect; understanding what is needed and what to throw away, clearing spaces of cluttered and now unnecessary things, can increase the ability to concentrate and make people reflect on their own needs.

The change of seasons is therefore an opportunity to let “new air” into the home, starting with the closets and perhaps slowly extending to all rooms in the house.

Sticky labels for changing seasons: easy with the Brother QL-810W

A great help to the organization of seasonal changes and the spaces dedicated to them (walk-in closets and closets) is provided by adhesive labels such as those made with theBrother QL-810W label maker, which offers direct thermal color printing and labels that do not fade.

It has wireless connection technology and programmable printing even from mobile.

The red and black printing allows the different categories created when changing seasons or rearranging spaces to be given the right emphasis.

Equipped with a good resolution (300 x 600 DPI) it is Lightweight and small in size (Width:125 mm, Depth: 234 mm, Height: 145 mm, Weight: 1.12 kg) has a remarkable printing speed (176 mm/s) and 5 different types of fonts, so as to offer quick support to our labeling needs during the change of season and storage of items and clothing.

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