Women’s entrepreneurship funds: guide to facilities for technology endowments

By establishing the “Women’s Enterprise Fund,” the government wanted to facilitate the development of enterprises managed and led (mainly) by women.

Let’s find out how to get useful technology equipment conveniently and with dedicated assistance.

What are women’s entrepreneurship funds

This is a substantial incentive (200 million euros), made available by the MISE, which aims to promote “The establishment, development and consolidation of women-led enterprises through grants and subsidized financing” through the provision of financial resources amounting to 200 million euros (160 from the NRP and 40 allocated by the Budget Law 2021).

We discussed it in detail here.

Women’s entrepreneurship: more than 8,000 applications submitted

As the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development reports in a press release, as of mid-May there were nearly 5,000 applications submitted to access incentives designed to develop women’s entrepreneurship.

A total of 4,985 enterprises new or established for less than a year applied today for the Women’s Enterprise Fund“, MISE informed, adding that the largest number came from Lazio and Lombardy (729 each); followed by Campania, with 446 projects, and Veneto (433 requests).

Government incentives have contributed to anincrease in the presence of women in entrepreneurship, according to the ministry’s own findings; according to data on Innovative Start ups and SMEs for the first quarter of 2022, ” 43.4 percent of Innovative Startups and SMEs have at least one woman in the corporate structure.”

In a June 7 memo (the last day before the closure of the window dedicated to businesses started or established more than 12 months ago), the ministry headed by Minister Giorgetti released the balance of memberships in the Women’s Enterprise Fund.

At the close of the deadline, MISE recorded 8,095 applications; Lombardy and Lazio confirmed themselves as the two regions with the highest number of applications with, respectively, 1176 and 978 applications.

Campania and Emilia-Romagna followed with 831 and 684 projects, respectively. “The initiatives,” the ministry note explains, “mainly concern wholesale or retail trade, manufacturing activities or activities related to accommodation and food services.”

In addition, the evaluation of projects submitted by women-owned businesses started less than 12 months before the application submission continues, the window for which was closed back on May 19.

Fastbrain to support women’s entrepreneurship

Among the expenses that can be financed with the resources made available by the Women’s Enterprise Fund is the purchase of computer programs and technological solutions, provided they are “commensurate with the production and management needs of the enterprise.”

Added to these are cloud services, which are functional for the core processes of business management.

This shows how central the technological aspect has now become to the development of a company, whether newly established or in the case of an established one.

Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l., a nationwide reference company in the field of distribution of technology and IT products, offers functional solutions and dedicated services of technical, economic and financial assistance for women entrepreneurs, backed by a long and consolidated experience in the field.

The company provides female entrepreneurs with a dedicated consultant, such as for the Sabatini Law and for all practical needs related to technical/economic support.

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Fastbrain services for women-owned businesses

Fastbrain is able to modulate its offerings according to specific operational and management needs, leveraging business partnerships established over time with major international players in the technology sector.

Specifically, the company offers the following. Renew the company’s IT equipment with Superior performance technology tools, providing: laptops, monitors, servers, accessories, smart devices with a variety of integration possibilities and rackstations, marketed by the brands for which Fastbrain is an official reseller for Italy (Brother, Lenovo and Synology are just a few of them).

B2B supply services are complemented by professional technical consulting and support services, with the aim of identifying-among the offered solutions-the one that best suits the company’s management and operational needs.

With operational rental, for example, Fastbrain enables companies to take advantage of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology equipment that can be renewed periodically for a low investment, so as to optimize available resources.

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Renew PCs and business technology by covering most of the expenses! Are you having trouble using the form? Email us at info@fastbrain.it

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