Augmented reality and the medical sector: the NHS Foundation Trust case study

Assisted and augmented reality viewers are changing the way medical education and clinical practice is done around the world, including Italy, as we have already highlighted in a dedicated article.

RAI (intelligent assistive reality) technologies offer the medical industry several opportunities; far from the complete isolation of virtual reality, the latest generation of wearable devices revolutionize the way health care education is delivered, leaving the hands free to practice interventions and simulations, while keeping a constant eye on all the necessary information.

We talked about case studies and applications in the medical field, reporting both Italian and international experiences, such as the example of Sapis with its Memorandum of Understanding for the training of new immersive enabling technologies of Extended Reality.

In this talk, we report on RealWear’s direct experience in medical education and clinical practice.

RealWear and Medical Smart Glasses

RealWear’s Medical Smart Glasses, are transforming medical education in the NHS (North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust).

The NHS Foundation Trust, now equipped with RealWear wearable devices, is giving a significant boost to the world of operating room procedures.

Technology that rapidly becomes more accessible and engaging in the most practical and realistic way possible, without the traditional limitations of space and accessibility.

Augmented reality to bridge the skills gap

Currently, the NHS faces a substantial long-term workforce plan aimed at closing the skills gap and addressing the growing demand for comprehensive and specialized training.

The introduction of RealWear technology is set to play a crucial role in this period of transformation.

The Trust is responsible for the health of about 400,000 individuals. It initially faced major obstacles in facilitating effective and engaging training for large groups of students.

RealWear’s smart glasses are dismantling these barriers, opening an era of inclusive and comprehensive education for students in various fields such as radiography, paramedic, and physical therapy.


Oriented toward better health care

At the heart of this transformation is the Navigator 500 Series, a “technical marvel” with multiple potentials and practical applications.

These devices are not just any smart glasses; they are a lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting solution with seamless app integration (including Microsoft Teams) designed with the needs of busy frontline professionals in mind, making it ideal for medical environments.

What distinguishes the RealWear Navigator 500 Series?

The magic lies in the:

  1. Adjustable camera;
  2. Optical image stabilization of video;
  3. In precision zoom.

Characteristics that make medical operations crystal clear.

These capabilities enable students to observe procedures as never before, promoting an unprecedented depth of learning.

Image source: RealWear

Real-time interaction between students and surgeons during live procedures.

This previously unthinkable level of involvement is now promoting an unparalleled immersive and interactive educational experience.

The collaboration between the Trust and RealWear has already received enthusiastic feedback. Nick Cooke, consultant to the Trust, shares:

“RealWear’s technology has drastically expanded our training capacity, accommodating a wide range of students. It is a difference between a day and a year in how many individuals we can now reach!”

It is not just about expanding access; it is about improving quality.

Jean Angus, head of nursing education, emphasized how RealWear technology boosts student confidence and broadens professional aspirations, significantly helping to address the national shortage of professionals in the operating room.

“This is just the beginning. The enthusiasm is contagious and the interest is palpable. The domino effect is spreading to other NHS trusts, indicative of a broader trend that is gaining momentum.”

Chris Parkinson, co-founder RealWear points out:

“Our goal with RealWear has always been to simplify and amplify the learning process. Seeing our solutions come to life in the health sector, reaching many students in real time, is deeply gratifying.

Our vision does not stop there. The Trust is exploring ways to extend the use of our technology to other aspects of patient care, and our devices are proving invaluable to paramedics who need to transmit critical information quickly and efficiently.”

“The future is bright, and we are observing it through smart glasses.”

“Our mission at RealWear goes beyond creating cutting-edge wearable technology. We are shaping the future of medical education within the NHS, promoting inclusivity, closing educational gaps and ensuring that everyone has front-row access to crucial learning opportunities. “

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