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Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. is a modern supplier and proposes itself as an efficient interlocutor to optimize the supply of material at competitive prices.


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About Us

Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. is a joint-stock company founded in 2006 with the aim of becoming an established reality on Italian soil in the design, development and implementation of operating software and hardware. With the passage of time and the advent of the top foreign players on the Italian market, the market is however gradually decreasing, so it is decided to radically change direction and concentrate all the energies towards a new strongly developing sector: telemedicine.

In 2012 new figures took over the company, which are characterized by a strong background in this new sector. The ambition of the company thus becomes that of becoming a leader in the market for the distribution of electro-medical devices. A new line of products entirely dedicated to “Teledermica” is created: a service designed and conceived to be delivered in Pharmacy, through which it is possible to quickly acquire data useful for assessing skin lesions.

In 2017, when the project was already implemented and is fully operational in various Italian Pharmacies, an external company expressed interest in acquiring it. An agreement is thus found and finally, at the beginning of 2018, the entire activity is sold.

At the same time, in the middle of the same year a partial corporate reorganization is carried out and, with the entry of new partners, the company decides to expand its range of action by strengthening its business in order to implement new lines of business, creating within it the following new Business Units:

– Supply of technological products for the large-scale retail trade;

– Supply of medical equipment;

– Production and marketing of an organic food supplement based on Moringa;

– Hosting of equipment for the mining of cryptocurrency.


Supply of technological products for large-scale retail trade. ICT distribution and sale of hardware, software and electronic devices in general.


Production and marketing of a food supplement based on Moringa, an ancient plant native to India famous for its food properties.


Design and development of infrastructures dedicated to Criptovalute mining and distribution of products and services based on Blockchain


Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l., with its staff made up of people with many years of experience in the world of electronic distribution, is therefore proposed today as an efficient interlocutor to optimize the supply of material at competitive prices and as a reference for the supply of:

  • Audio / Video
  • Cameras / Camcorders
  • Games console
  • Apple products
  • Notebook
  • HW components
  • Software
  • Telephony

Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. is a modern supplier, aware that the optimization of company costs often determines the profit of the company itself and for this reason aims to be an assistant to your purchasing department.

The collaboration with Fastbrain Engineering S.r.l. guarantees the best compromise between availability and price and allows to optimize and reduce the management costs of purchases and logistics organization. The offers are sent regularly following a continuous comparison with numerous lists, constantly updated and trying to make the most of the opportunities that we receive periodically.

Our mission is based on a continuous commitment in order to understand the needs of the customer and find the best solution that satisfies them.


The Moringa Oleifera is a plant belonging to the Moringaceae family, originally from India, but also very widespread in Africa and South America. There are 13 species and is commonly called “radish or radish tree”. It was already known by the ancient Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians who were among the first to exploit the purifying qualities for the water of rivers, streams and lakes and for food liquids in general (even today, in the Valley of the Nile, this shrub it is known as “Shagara al Rauwaq” or “tree that purifies”). The flour obtained from its seeds can in fact capture and “incorporate” the bacterial impurities, making them somewhat heavy and then making them deposit downwards, thus favoring the clarity of the water. The Moringa is very resistant, grows quickly (reaching even 7 meters in height) and bears cold and drought. It is also almost entirely edible, from the roots to the leaves, therefore essential to prevent diseases and malnutrition among populations of some latitudes. The Organization for Food and Agriculture of the United Nations has elected it “culture of the month” for January 2018.

After careful evaluations and researches, we have become aware that the Canary Islands are the European territory where the best weather, soil and environmental conditions exist for the cultivation of the Moringa plant.

This combination of ideal circumstances makes it possible to achieve very high productivity returns on the island of Tenerife, due above all to the subtropical climate in the south of the island, which allows a flourishing growth of the Moringa trees characterized by the presence of red leaves, due to the volcanic soil.

The Canary Islands are practically the only territory of the European Union with pedoclimatic characteristics suitable for the survival of the Moringa plant, conditions that remain in fact optimal throughout the year, especially during the months from April to November. The nature of the volcanic soil of the archipelago favors the richness of the active ingredients and the product obtained is thus of superior quality compared to that cultivated on the continent.

Our initiative strives to differentiate itself from the competitive ones, through a unique strategy regarding the quality of the product. Following in fact the recommendations of the European Union for organic production, we will distinguish our product with the brand ‘EU Agriculture’, valid throughout the EU market, which certifies the origin and the ecological and organic cultivation, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our raw material, the Red Moringa, is also subject to the controls of the Canary Institute for Agri-Food Quality (ICCA), a European authority that certifies the origin and production.


The Blockchain, or chain of blocks, is a system of sharing information between different users without the obligation of a third party (as an “offline” comparison, think of a bank). The most used and resistant application of this technology is the distributed payment method, called “Bitcoin”, in which the exchange of digital units, which acquire real value, is carried out by the users themselves without the need for intermediaries and without having to provide guarantees.

The company is developing in collaboration with a Bulgarian company a technological infrastructure entirely dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrency.

Once completed, a hosting service will be offered to all those who already own the machines but who are currently spending too much on electricity.

Our strength will be that of being able to offer the public a turnkey service with a truly competitive fixed price that will allow you to save significantly on the costs you are sustaining today.

The power available in the first period will be 500 kW but we have already started the procedure to expand it to 1.5 MW.

The ventilation system guarantees constantly filtered air in such a way as to minimize the risk of breaking the fans of the machines.

Finally, the space is already equipped with all the best security systems: CCTV video surveillance, alarm system, window grilles, electronic locks and a contract with the external security.

What do we offer

Supply throughout Europe

We are able to process orders from all parts of the European Community. Our potential is to be registered with the VIES (VAT information exchange system), so we can carry out all kinds of inter-community operations.


We carry out our work with competence, scrupulousness and adequate professional preparation with the sole goal of completing the commitments made and satisfying the Customer.

Competitive prices

Being able to operate throughout the inter-community space allows us to have a complete overview of the European scenario and, of course, to have access to unique offers.


We guarantee the correct execution of the foreseen activities in the pre-established times and with wide achievement of the degree of customer satisfaction.

Updating of price lists

The constant monitoring of price lists allows us to be always informed about market trends and to be able to take full advantage of the many opportunities that this offers us on a daily basis.

Attention to Customer

Our mission is based on a continuous commitment in order to understand the needs of the Customer and find the best solution that satisfies him.

Costa optimization

Our ambition is to be able to constantly support your purchasing department, so as to allow you to minimize the expenditure of energy and time spent in monitoring the orders evaded, in order to optimize the business costs and increase the costs profits.


Our entrepreneurial vision of the market makes the company’s activity touches sectors that are not strictly connected to each other, thus integrating different market segments that are selected based on their rate of return.

Our brands

These are some of the most famous brands that we usually distribute. However, we can find products of any kind and of any brand, so if you need something, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Registered office

Address: Via P. Gobetti, 37
City: Cuneo – 12100
State: Italy

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Address: Via G. Garibaldi, 18/42
City: Turin – 10122
State: Italy

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